They improve electro-insulation properties


Used in metallurgical and construction industry

Information about LABTAR company

History of the company „LABTAR” Sp. z o.o. dates back to the end of the 60s of the previous century. Then, opening of Zakład Materiałów Przeciwwybuchowych “PYŁOWNIA” in Tarnów Opolski, constituting a part of Przedsiębiorstwo „Materiałów Budowlanych Przemysłu Węglowego” in Katowice, took place. In the period of economic changes at the beginning of the 90s, Zakład Materiałów Przeciwwybuchowych “PYŁOWNIA” was privatised, and a new company Labtar Sp. Z o.o. was created on the ground of the old plant in 1993.
Since the beginning of its activity, the Company has been undergoing a constant process of updating and modernisation, with special care for the protection of the environment.
Thanks to ongoing development and modernisation, the company has become one of the leading enterprises on the market of fodder materials, explosion-proof dusts, sorbents for fumes desulphurisation, fillers for bituminous materials used in construction industry.

Our trademark is high and stable quality of our products.