Granulated agricultural limestone LABCALC is a fertiliser with excellent solubility. The product results from processing the highest quality limestone dust with size reduction below 90 micrometres, thanks to which it reaches reactivity up to 100%.

Granulated limestone LABCALC ensures:

  • content of calcium carbonate CaCO3: min. 93%
  • high reactivity up to 100%
  • low moisture – it facilitates storage, transport and sowing 5% ± 2%
  • graining: 2 - 6 mm, 5 – 10 mm
  • instant action
  • high performance
  • comfortable form of application; it also does not have the dusting effect
  • facilitates work in the farm trough uniform scope of spread and adjustment to all types of fertiliser distributors
  • decrease of fertilising costs
  • improvement of soil structure
  • packaging: big-bag 500 kg

LABTAR distinguishes itself by technological supremacy as it manufactures a product they know from the basis. Processing of selected limestone results in fine flour that is then granulated. That is why granulated agricultural limestone LABCALC has gained thousands of satisfied customers.

According to classification of fertilisers and fertilising, this product is included in the variety 04. This variety features high content of CaO min. 50% and extremely fine grinding. It results in improvement of chemical, physical and biological properties of soil, thanks to which we can observe drastic increase in crops and decrease in fertilising costs.