Explosion-proof dusts

Dusts are used mainly in hard coal mining, in underground excavations – non-methane and methane, to dam coal dust explosions through dusting the excavations and building stone-dust barriers, and also for production of mineral mining binders. They are produced in the process of grinding natural limestone with high content of CaCO3.
Resistance to moisture absorption is one of the most important parameters for this segment of products, it has a significant impact on explosion-proof properties.

That is why we can divide explosion-proof dusts into two categories:

  • Ordinary explosion-proof stone dust

    Its resistance to moisture absorption is 7 days from the date of its unpacking. It is a minimal period when the dust maintains its parameters and does not absorb moisture.

  • Stearin-impregnated water-proof explosion-proof stone dust

    It is impregnated dust that features increased resistance to moisture to min. 21 days from the date of its unpacking.

We have been manufacturing dusts for 50 years, all the time improving production process in order meet market requirements regarding quality. It is confirmed by a long-term cooperation with major companies in mining industry in Poland. We have valid certificates that enable us to mark our products with CE mark, issued by the Main Institute of Mining, Certification Unit in Katowice.

Dust meets the requirements of the standard:


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