CC ULTRAFINE and CC SUPERFINE are made from selected natural limestone with high content of CaCO3.
They feature purity (no foreign matter) and low content of iron. Thanks to coating with an adhesive agent, it acquires hydrophobic properties and high dispersibility, which means increased chemical stability of goods.
CC ULTRAFINE and CC SUPERFINE fillers are mainly used as an additive improving electro-insulation properties that increase impact resistance and gloss, and most of all increasing mechanical strength and resistance to fire.
Thanks to our experience and proper production process, we are able to create specialist, custom-made products. It contributes to fruitful cooperation with companies, there: from constriction industry, EPS profiles production or manufacturers of plastic goods.
Lime/chalk fillers improve covering power, minimise colouring costs, improve extruder efficiency, increase friction factor as well as density and rigidity of final products.

Main applications:

  • plastics
  • glues
  • rubber mixtures
  • domestic chemicals
  • profiles


  • bags 25kg
  • bb 1t
  • in bulk

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