Lime flour

Lime flour produced by LABTAR is a powdery product manufactured in the process of grinding of selected limestone. Due to its good physical and chemical properties as well as graining, the product can be applied in road, construction and steel industry.
We discuss customer’s individual needs and analyse the way our products are used. It makes the ground for elaborating, together with the client, optimal parameters of the product regarding graining, impregnation and other key requirements.

  • Finely-ground additive/filler with high, stable parameters.
  • Available with various, custom-made graining.
  • High content of Ca.

Limestone for construction industry

Lime flour is often used in many concrete applications. Application of limestone filler has a lot of advantages, which include filling empty spaces between aggregates, precise mapping of the shape of the formwork, fewer pores on the surface. Due to a variety of graining, flour can be applied as a component of plasterwork, concrete floors, concrete casts, self-thickening concrete mixtures, masonry and plaster mortars, glues, self-levelling concrete floors, plasters, grouting and tar boards.

Limestone for road construction

Lime flour, in accordance with PN-EN 13043 standard, can be applied in production of mineral – asphalt mixtures for the layers of foundation, setting and also abrasive. It is used mainly as a filling aggregate, hardening in all layers of the pavement structure on roads, airports, and other pavements intended for traffic. Lime fillers fill empty spaces between aggregates, increase intensity of asphalt adsorption (in case of other aggregates it is smaller) and stiffen the mixture.

Limestone for glass factories

Lime flour features high content of calcium carbonate and low content of iron and other metals. In the production process they act as a stabiliser that prevents glass dissolving in water. It increases shine, improves quality, strength, neutralises the impact of weather conditions. Our clients use it for production of colour glass, domestic glass, packaging glass, flat glass as well as glass wool.

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