Sand is a sedimentary rock that consists of small mineral grains, mainly quartz. It can be found in most areas in Poland and it is also one of the components of soil. Due to the action of wind and water, it creates such forms as dunes or sand banks.
Sand from „LABTAR” is produced from grinding of carbonate limestone. Thanks to the proper technology, we adapt granulation to the respective industries. Sand is widely used in construction industry, steel industry and in industry as such.

  • Sand in steel industry

    Limestone for glass factories in the production process acts as a stabiliser that prevents glass dissolution in water or increases the shine, improves quality through strength, neutralises the impact of weather conditions.

  • Sand in construction industry

    Sands are used as components of plasterwork, concrete floors, filler in concrete casts, but also as e.g. an element of charge for glass furnace. One of the most interesting applications of our products was using them as an abrasive element for monument renovation.

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