Fodder chalk

Fodder chalk made by LABTAR is an indispensable component of every animal’s diet:

  • it consists of calcium – an element that guarantees proper development and growth
  • it is necessary for maintaining the structure of bone system
  • it stimulates digestion in stomach
  • it has a positive influence on condition and health of the whole organism
  • it has a direct favourable impact on the following systems: digestion, vascular, bone, nervous, muscles, and it also protects from osteoporosis
  • its action is long-term, therefore it increases effectiveness of fodder use, thus decreasing its costs and amount
  • it creates an additional source of macro- and micro-elements (Mg, K, Na, P, Cu, Zn, Mn)
  • it does not contain harmful compounds and pollutants
  • it improves quality and quantity of obtained animal product
  • application of chalk in poultry feeding guarantees smooth and hard egg shell
  • It has particles with a large diameter – they remain longer in digestive system, thanks to which calcium is maximally absorbed by the body

The effects of application of fodder chalk in feeding of poultry or domestic fowls include, among other things, high egg production efficiency, low percentage of eggs with defected shell, favourable impact on egg hatching and lower consumption of fodder per unit of produced eggs. Thanks to a wide range of granulations, we have been supplying both huge fodder producers, breeders as well as individual farms. Our customers are satisfied and continue cooperation with us for many years.

Our chalks have GMP+ certificate. In order to meet your requirements, we pack our products in bags, big-bags and we supply them in bulk. We belong to a small group of manufacturers who adjust granulation and colour to the alimentary needs of all breeding animals.