Carbonate sorbents

Sorbents are used in power engineering as an element of active desulphurisation of fumes. They feature high reactivity and also minimise emission of sulphur compounds that are dangerous for health and life.
Thanks to proper adjustments of the product, for many years we have been supplying sorbents to power engineering and heat engineering industries. Application of LABTAR sorbents guarantees lower costs connected with exploitation of installation and increased efficiency of desulphurisation process.

Due to technological application, we can distinguish two groups:
Fine-grained carbonate sorbent „A” – it is a sorbent with a specially selected granulation so that it could in the best extent meet the requirements that the “Wet fumes desulphurisation” method has to meet.

Coarse-grained carbonate sorbent „B” – granulation curve of sorbent “B” is specially selected to be used in desulphurisation in “Fluidized bed boilers” (a dry desulphurisation method).

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